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What happened to you???....

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I can remember when I first got the phone call with the officer on the other line...

"Hello ma'am, this is officer----- and there has been a terrible accident, I noticed a baby's seat in the car... ma'am tell me; was there a baby in the car?"

I sat blank because in the moment all I heard was terrible accident

I sat blank because I knew something was wrong

I sat blank because, my God nooooooo

I sat blank

Just then, a bit louder the officer yells, "Ma'am! I need to know if there was a baby in the car!"

"NO" I replied, she's here with me

I could then hear the officer mumble "oh Thank God!"

Thank God? Thank God what! Why are you calling from my husband's phone! Thank God WHAT!

MA'AM there's been a terrible accident and you need to get to St. Joes NOW!!!

At that moment I threw my arms in the air and said Dear God, Nooo I can't do this! Not another accident

I had no idea....

The count down began to me becoming a WIDOW!

BUT, something happened, something miraculously amazing happened! I did do it! We did it, we survived!

We survived the passing

We survived the burial

We survived the grief

While any of us would give anything just for one more moment, one more memory

It wasn't the plan, and we survived!


You will survive the sleepless nights

You will survive the agonizing pain behind the absence of their voice

You will survive the guilt of continuing forward


God Bless you all, remain faithful and hopeful!!!

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