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Professional Speaker|Best Selling Author | Business Strategist.


Kashaun Parker is a remarkable leader, speaker, and author hailing from the vibrant state of Illinois. Kashaun weaves threads of authenticity, resilience, and empowerment, creating a narrative that resonates with personal growth enthusiasts, visionaries, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants.


As a single mother, widow, corporate leader, and now entrepreneur, Kashaun's journey is a testament to navigating adversity with a resilient mindset. Her story unfolds like a captivating novel, where she transforms challenges into stepping stones for personal and professional growth. Kashaun holds an MBA and is an ACC for Professional Coaching, embodying the essence of an authentic leadership coach.


In the world of words, Kashaun's voice rises as a best-selling author with her book titled "Voices of the 21st Century Women Empowered through Passion and Purpose." Through her writing, she invites readers into a realm of empowerment, guiding them through the realms of confidence building, adversity management, and change navigation.


As a speaker, Kashaun's stage is a platform for entrepreneurial advocacy. She is a member of Toastmasters and actively volunteers with the National Speakers Association, contributing to the collective voice of change. Kashaun's engaging keynotes and workshops echo her commitment to holistic development, community engagement, and continuous growth.


Beyond her professional achievements, Kashaun is an entrepreneur, a teamwork enthusiast, and a board volunteer, demonstrating her commitment to community building. Her social media presence, spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, reflects her dedication to connecting with a diverse audience.


Kashaun's  Mission To provide IP-centric entrepreneurs (business owners that have Knowledge Based Intellectual Property as their business model; coaches, consultants, authors) with tactical strategies to develop and enhance their business model

Kashaun's Vision  To create a supportive community where IP-centric entrepreneurs feel empowered to take steps forward in their business journeys

Inspired by Real Life Motivation and Empowered by Real Life Action

In Speaking: 
As a keynote speaker, Kashaun excels in motivating entrepreneurs, reducing their stress, and guiding them through the complexities of business ownership with customized, strategic advice. Her talks are not only informative but also inspirational, empowering attendees to take decisive steps toward their business goals.

In Coaching:  Kashaun provides tailored guidance and strategic planning to entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the challenges of business ownership. Her coaching is focused on reducing anxiety and stress for her clients, ensuring they can focus on growth and innovation. Kashaun’s strategic approach involves helping entrepreneurs set clear goals, optimize their operations, and increase revenue while saving time. Her certification in entrepreneurship and extensive experience empower her clients to make informed decisions, enhancing their business models for long-term success. Her personal commitment as a mentor fosters a supportive environment that encourages continuous personal and professional development.

Kashaun Partners with: 

  • Local Business Associations: Engaging with chambers of commerce and other business groups can help Kashaun connect with local entrepreneurs and increase visibility.

  • Educational Institutions: Providing curriculum support and guest lectures that equip students and faculty with critical entrepreneurial skills and strategies for resilience and success.

  • Nonprofit Organizations:  Offering tailor-made workshops and keynote speeches that align with the nonprofits' missions, focusing on empowerment and personal growth.

  • Personal Growth and Wellness Events: Delivering inspirational keynote speeches and interactive workshops that provide attendees with practical strategies for personal development and resilience.

  • Conferences and Industry Events: Offering to participate in panels and provide post-event workshops that offer deep insights into strategic planning and entrepreneurship, fostering professional growth and innovation among attendees.


  • 15 years of Strategic Planning Experience

  • 18 years of Business Leadership experience presenting and facilitating

  • ✓ Executive member of Shared Connections Networking Group 

  • ✓ President of Ladies Leadership League

  • ✓ Executive Secretary - Toastmasters International District 54 

  • ✓ VP of Public Relations -  Toastmasters International District 54 

  • ✓ VP of Education Toastmasters International District 54 

  • ✓ ICF ACC Accreditation for Coaching

A few Juicy Personal Facts about me:

  • ✓ Fiercely determined to claim her own authentic power  #trailblazer

  • ✓ Relentless passion for helping others feel as though they are in the driver’s seat of their lives.

  • ✓ Navigate mission-driven  leaders to achieve game-changing success 

  • ✓ Self-branded as a Personal Super Mom to 3 amazing humans ~ her children

  • ✓ Professionally trained to speak due to social anxiety about getting out in front of people

  • ✓ Highly sensitive (empath) introvert who gets recharged by having quiet time.

Awards and accolades

Toastmaster of The Year
7X Winner of Toastmasters Best Speaker Award
3 x Winner of Toastmasters Extemporaneous Speaking Contest


  • Certified in Entrepreneurship

  • Masters Degree in Business

  • Certified Coach: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • Quadruple Mastery Specializations in: Leadership, Performance, Transition, and Wellbeing

  • Certified Practitioner, Energy Leadership Index 

Kashaun Parker, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author,  Entrepreneur Coach
Kashaun Parker Best Selling Author and Coach Writes about success
Women Empowerment Event  21st September 2023

Women Empowerment Event 21st September 2023

Christian is proud mother to 2 pre/teenagers. I was born and raised in London and graduated with an MA in Fine Art in Manchester 2009. As a conceptual multidisciplinary artist over the past 20 years, I have exhibited and performed works worldwide, often incorporating social and spiritual themes in my work. In 2013, we moved to Birmingham, where I cultivated a newfound art practice intertwining motherhood and my every day respectfully. I was blessed to obtain funding from West Midlands Arts Connect/Arts Council in 2016 to invest in 'Forest School, Curatorial Studies, Publishing and Critical Writing Practice'. This supported ventures that I devised; 'Foundation Art Birmingham and FAB Forest School', which would encourage families and their children in the community to engage with and access the arts in a simpler and convenient way. In 2016 through to 2019, I began to show and perform works that were concerned with socio political ideas. It was in 2018 that I formulated a manuscript (soon to launch as a book); 'Kids and Art and Loving God - The Purposeful Driven Single Mother', informing and inspiring my newfound online webinar coaching business; 'MoMMA MiA' (Ministry of Modern Mother Art, Message in Action). The limited company was birthed in London May 2020, as a platform to assist mothers to use their creative abilities to turn into an online business. During the Covid-19 lockdown from 2020, the platform lent itself to: 1. Art workshops which I orchestrated, for families and their children to take part in for free. 2. An artist ministry to support creatives in their creative journey and Christian faith, which was also non-profit. As a result, the two separate entities emerged through the Pandemic and beyond as: a. Raquel Macartney Workshops; presently being developed through my study of Art Psychotherapy in London. b. The 'ACTS in Christ Ministry' (Artists Creating to Serve in Christ) where since its launch in Birmingham 2021, has reached places as far as Africa, America, and Europe, through hybrid form, encouraging and benefiting many. Kashaun Parker, Your Business Strategist. Creating roadmaps that convert passion and desire into Intentional actionable steps for forward momentum and progress. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is a Quadruple COR.E Energy Dynamics Specialist. Kashaun is an Award-Winning International Speaker, and Certified Coach, whose mission and purpose is to help others navigate their path to success. She specializes in helping new and aspiring business owners own their confidence and ditches the feelings of Imposter Syndrome that keep them playing small or not all. She works with driven professionals that have lost their way of creating their unique footprint of success. Farah Ismail is an internationally recognized facilitator, coach, speaker, founder of Interact Consulting, and CEO of Coach Farah. She helps women entrepreneurs and leaders who find themselves frustrated and unfulfilled, despite outward signs of success. When they work with her, they re-imagine their business, crafting a lucrative purpose-driven enterprise that delivers more confidence, more connection, more revenue, and more meaning. Having rebuilt her own life and business from scratch after struggling through her own life-changing experiences, Farah knows exactly how to forge a new path toward a meaningful life and offers her clients a proven blueprint for their own success. Susie Mackie is a specialist in overcoming adversity and rising to Challenge. She is an award-winning Advocate for Women and Licensed Mental Toughness Assessor and delivers workshops and presentations to empower women to become authentically confident in who they are as well as what they do. It is never too late. Susie uses the lessons learned from her own traumatic experiences and the wisdom she has absorbed from some of the world’s most powerful mentors to teach others how to develop mental toughness, strong boundaries, resilience, and all aspects of ‘the self’ from self-awareness to genuine self-love. What makes Susie different? She has been there, confronted unimaginable challenges, hardship and loss, yet learned how to survive and then thrive. She is willing to share her story, her vulnerability to inspire others to make positive changes and to know that they are not alone. In 2019 Woman & Magazine Amazing Women Awards placed Susie as one of three finalists in the ‘Improving Our Environment’ category. In recognition of her work to encourage women to make their world a better place. Combining workplace and personal wellness achieves the best possible outcome for firms, leaders and each individual.
How to Start and Grow Your Business  –  Senior Citizens to Find Love on The Golden Bachelor

How to Start and Grow Your Business – Senior Citizens to Find Love on The Golden Bachelor

• Senior Citizens to Find Love on The Golden Bachelor. A group of single women aged 60 and above looking for companionship and love with a 71 year old bachelor on ABC’S The Golden Bachelor. • Want to Become an Entrepreneur but Don’t Know How or Started but Stagnant? Kashaun Parker is an Award-winning Public Speaker, Business Coach, and CEO of Next Step Forward, LLC. She works with new and aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who ditched their 9 to 5 in the passionate pursuit of launching their dream businesses. Kashaun Parker, Next Step Forward, LLC. Aging With Purpose – Season 3 Episode 21 Please SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Watch at Website: Facebook: Instagram: Support the AGING WITH PURPOSE channel – Donate via Venmo at #entrepreneur #startup #business #businessowner #womenbusiness #dating #goldenbachelor #seniorcitizen #love #romance #tvshows #abc #talkshow #reinvention #aging #reinventioncoach #midlifeChange #midlifewomen #midlife #women #midlifecoach #midlifechanges #midlifecrisis #middleagedwoman #middleage #midlifetips #midlifejourney #midlifetribe #retiree #retired #retirement #seniorcitizenlife #over60 #womenintheir60 #womenover60 #seniorcitizen #seniorwomen #retirement #seniorcitizenrock #retirementclub #older #olderadults #retirementcommunity
Create and Produce Your Life of Impact

Create and Produce Your Life of Impact

Everyone has the potential to create a life of impact and make a positive difference in the world. But sometimes, we can get stuck in our own emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent us from taking action. That’s why it’s important to have strategies in place to help us overcome these obstacles and maximize our ability to transform lives. Furthermore, when you transform your life, you have a greater ability to help others. From learning how to overcome emotional blocks to enhancing your productivity, our Premier Member Experts provide you with the tools and techniques to make an impact on the world around you. Watch the full episode to get inspired to create the impact you are meant to have. This episode features SuiteFranchon, Kashaun Parker, Pirie Jones Grossman, and Pam Weiser: Premier member and woman leader SuiteFranchon is a Performing Artist, Inspirational Speaker, POET. She provides corporate team building delivered through interactive performance arts. You can learn more about Franchon at Premier member and woman leader Kashaun Parker is a Speaker and Business Coach. She is passionate about teaching Women how to leverage their circles of influence. Mindset, Skillset, Impact, and Influence. You can learn more about Kashaun at Premier member and woman leader Pirie Jones Grossman is a Life Empowerment Coach. She provides customized tools, tips, and strategies for women who are interested in making transitions in their personal and professional lives. She provides the pathway of healing to help guide women to the next level by eliminating old limiting beliefs, past wounds, and obstacles that STOP them from living the life of joy and happiness that they deserve! You can learn more about Pirie at Premier member and woman leader Pam Weiser is a Business Operations Manager. She works with overworked and overwhelmed busy professionals, who think they need to do it all themselves, but realize that they can’t. She helps them scale their business, manage projects, and delegate tasks so they can create time in their schedules, save money, lower their stress, increase their efficiency, and get back to focusing on what’s most important - building their business. You can learn more about Pam at Our WSA-TV Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Hypnotherapist, Social Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: #womenspeakers #WSATV #womenleaders Women Speakers Association (WSA) features expert advice from women leaders on WSA-TV shows, podcasts, and SpeakerChat Download your free Speaker Success Plan at To join Women Speakers Association (WSA) and get seen, get booked, and get paid as a speaker visit: #womenleaders #wsatv #businesssuccess
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