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Hi, I'm Kashaun...

Accomplished Author, Transformational Speaker, and Coach.
I dedicate my career to helping individuals and organizations unlock their true potential and achieve extraordinary results. With my unique blend of motivational speaking, coaching expertise, and a passion for personal growth, I have inspired countless individuals to overcome challenges, embrace change, and create transformative shifts in their lives.

My expertise in  resilience, personal development, leadership, and mindset transformation has made me a highly sought-after coach and speaker.  I have shared partnerships with a wide variety of Organizations such as J.M. Smucker’s, Toastmasters Int’l, City of Milwaukee, and Modern Widows Club. 

Beyond my coaching and speaking endeavors, I am a published author, sharing my wisdom and insights in my book, "Voices of the 21st Century, Women Empowered through Passion and Purpose." I also actively contribute to various platforms, including podcasts, interviews, and online publications, spreading my message of transformation and empowerment to a wider audience.

With my calming and inquisitive energy, deep empathy, and unwavering commitment to personal growth, I continue to inspire and transform lives through my speaking engagements and coaching.

My Mission to empower individuals to empower you to inherent your potential, overcome obstacles, and lead fulfilling live of purpose and success.

My Vision is to partner with you to step fully into your unique greatness with clarity, direction, and purpose

Inspired by Real Life Motivation and Empowered by Real Life Action

In Speaking: I make you feel as though we are the only ones in a room having a conversation, with my careful and thought provoking attentiveness. My calming presence creates an atmosphere of safety and support to carefully look into your past, respectfully honor your presence, and boldly call forth your future. As you feed your mind and nurture your soul. 

In Coaching: I encourage, support, and, inspire you to step into purpose so that you can execute with confidence and passion while connecting with your "why". I provide you with proven methods that will amplify your impact with greater clarity, direction, and action. 

When you work with me, you will immediately feel that you are in a safe space to explore the limitless possibilities, so we can have genuine conversations about what’s keeping you from making the impact that you desire in your life. You will also experience my full presence and guidance as I listen intuitively to what is important to you and your unique why, as I call you forward to own your journey – and bring your authentic self into the spotlight.


  • Corporations and Businesses: Looking to inspire employees, enhance productivity, and promote a positive work culture.

  • Educational Institutions: Whose focus is on motivation, goal setting, self-confidence, and resilience, helping individuals navigate their educational journey, overcome challenges, and unlock their potential.

  • Nonprofit Organizations:  Seeking to offer encouragement, provide tools for personal growth, and create a sense of empowerment among participants.

  • Personal Growth and Wellness Events: Desiring to provide guidance, inspiration, and practical strategies for attendees to make positive changes in their lives.

  • Conferences and Industry Events: With a purpose to inspire and motivate attendees to think differently, embrace new ideas, and make positive contributions to their respective fields.


  • 15 years Business Leadership experience presenting and facilitating

  • ✓ Executive member of Shared Connections Networking Group 

  • ✓ President of Ladies Leadership League

  • ✓ Executive Secretary - Toastmasters International District 54 

  • ✓ VP of Public Relations -  Toastmasters International District 54 

  • ✓ VP of Education Toastmasters International District 54 

  • ✓ ICF Accreditation for Coaching

A few Juicy Personal Facts about me:

  • ✓ Fiercely determined to claim my own authentic power  #trailblazer

  • ✓ Relentless passion for helping others feel as though they are in the driver’s seat of their lives.

  • ✓ Navigate mission-driven  leaders to achieve game-changing success 

  • ✓ Self-branded as a Personal Super Mom to 3 amazing humans ~ my children

  • ✓ Professionally trained to speak due to social anxiety about getting out in front of people

  • ✓ Highly sensitive (empath) introvert who gets recharged by being in nature.

Awards and accolades

Toastmaster of The Year
7X Winner of Toastmasters Best Speaker Award
x Winner of Toastmasters Extemporaneous Speaking Contest


  • Masters Degree in Business

  • Certified Coach: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • Quadruple Mastery Specializations in: Leadership, Performance, Transition, and Wellbeing

  • Certified Practitioner, Energy Leadership Index 

Kashaun Parker, Resilience Expert, Author, Transformational Speaker and Coach
Resilience Expert Author Transformation Speaker and Coach writes