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Powerful Testimonials from Working with Kashaun Parker


Lacey MacLeod, Transformational Performance Coach

I'm so grateful to be working with Kashaun! She is open, non-judgmental, and insightful. I admire her willingness to go deep with her clients and herself, ensuring progress and lasting change. Her life experiences paired with her knowledge and expertise provide a powerful combination to help you succeed! I highly recommend you consider working with her.

Nick Reed Smith, MBA, WorkSpan Cloud Ecosystem Strategist, AWS - Microsoft , Google

Have you ever found yourself hearing a message over and over but not being ready to change? That's where I was when Kashaun entered my life. I knew I needed to change but I wasn't sure where to start. I was lost, confused, unsure of myself. A coach isn't somebody who does the work for you but somebody who has been there and can show you the way. Kashaun saw what was trapped inside of me and shined a light on it. She gave me the inspiration, tools, and motivation to solve my own problem and taught me a repeatable process along the way. There's no better coach than Kashaun Parker.

Kent Jackson, Individual & Family Services Professional

I am thrilled to recommend Kashaun Parker. Kashaun and I are members of the Confident Communicators Toastmasters Club and Kashaun is a tremendous asset in our team. Kashaun is a talented public speaker who speaks with energy, enthusiasm, and passion and leaves her audiences with valuable insights for their own self development. Kashaun is a dedicated and selfless mentor as she helps other club members become more confident speakers. She is a skilled leader who possesses an unwavering commitment to inspire people to succeed and achieve their goals.

Paula (Sullivan) Harris, Co-owner and principal, WH Cornerstone Investments

Kashaun's passion and skill for helping people discover "who they are" and "who they want to be" is a gift. She thoughtfully probes and offers suggestions to help individuals uncover how they can live their life deliberately. Her calming presence allows you to feel supported as you journey through the process.

Tom Nosal, Business, Management & Career Coach I Job Search Strategist | Certified Life Coach | Team Leadership

I have known Kashaun for over a year now and she continues to amaze me with her insight, thoughtfulness and her ability to connect with her audience. Every time she presents on a topic, the audience is attentive, tuned in and taking notes. I have gained valuable knowledge from her speeches and have put this knowledge to use in my daily life. One speech in particular helped me to overcome a difficult time in my life. Kashaun's interactions with others show her passion, purpose and persistence in helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. If you are looking to grow and improve yourself or your business, I highly recommend that you reach out to Kashaun.

Patrick Pachciarz, CNC, CPT, President - Chief Financial Planner, Focused Financial Planning & Fitness Consulting 

“Kashaun's superpower is Connecting, Listening, and Solutions”

Dee Parker CPC, MP-ELI, President and Chief Operating Officer at Take The Limits Off, LLC

Kashaun is uniquely gifted, her passion for her craft is inspiring. She is a dedicated professional who always plays full out! Coaching is not just her job, it’s her calling.

Zain Shah, Project Manager / Scrum Master | SSM |

I wholeheartedly endorse Kashaun Parker as an exceptional mentor in any capacity. With her remarkable leadership abilities and profound expertise in public speaking, Kashaun serves as an invaluable catalyst for personal growth and development. Under her guidance, you can expect to receive invaluable feedback, practical insights, and unwavering support throughout your journey towards becoming a confident and impactful communicator. Kashaun's unwavering commitment to helping others succeed, coupled with her genuine passion for mentoring, radiates through every interaction.

Joshua Stokes, Warehouse Supervisor, RJW Logistics Group 

“Utilize skills and resources to drive sustainable solutions”


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