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Why sharing your "Story" is important ~ Shared Connections Interview

Those that have the fortune or misfortune of dealing with grief experience a real challenge when it comes to discussing our story or what has happened to us on this journey called life. The reality is Grief does indeed change us and our story and the lens through which we view our story is important

But I want to ask...

Who is comfortable with sharing their story?

Who has taken the time to challenge their own judgment that they have about what has happened to them in their life?

Did you know that through sharing your story you may have the ability to actually save someone else's life?

I mean think about it, during our challenges, this is most often the period that we feel most alone and practice isolation. We withdraw because we feel as though nobody understands us so we shelter away.

What if your next hello, was to someone that was battling through the very thing that you are coming out of...

How might you look at your circumstances if you found out someone else was actually going through a similar phase in their life and through the power of connection you were able to help...

When I am partnered with others that have found themselves stricken with something as heavy as grief the one feeling that is consistent is the feeling of loneliness, yet we shelter away from getting the comfort that we may need

I offer this thought, in this life we are given the gift of people, and even if we have the misfortune of saying goodbye to someone that we love there are others ready and willing to make your acquaintance! So don't you dare quit!!!

Find support! Connect! Reach out! And by all means get really comfortable in sharing what you are going through... Your Story!

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