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A Widow Rediscovers Herself

In this episode of the Purpose Highway Podcast, Scott Mason talks to Kashaun Parker, inspirational speaker, certified transition coach, and widow. Losing a spouse also alienates widows from social connections that were deeply tied to the couple. This experience compelled Kashaun to branch out and find others who shared this trauma connection as well. Through this community, she rediscovered herself in a way that was completely her. And beyond that, Kashaun also tapped into her spirituality to guide her from the profound overwhelm of what had happened.


  • Becoming a widow and losing a sense of community

  • Your story helps others in their journey of healing

  • The trauma connection leads to self-discovery

  • Guilt: An emotion that strikes each a different way

  • Kashaun loses her husband in a tragic car accident

  • Spirituality and community begins with non judgment

QUOTES Kashaun: "I just really did not want to feel like I was in this space alone when everything in me was alone. I didn't want to feel alone. So it was, how can I help me? Well, I can reach out. I can start to advocate for myself and try to, while I'm doing that, see who I could help too." Kashaun: "What I've learned is it does vary by age, (grief) does vary by length of relationship, but it also varies by the health of the relationship." Kashaun: "How do I please me, which is really who it's about, whether you're 80 or 20 in this space. How do I maintain the level of peace for me that allows me to move forward in a way that I can live with? And, whatever that is, by all means do it." Kashaun: "I'm not here to tell you what to believe. I'm here to hear your story and if us talking and sharing our stories lends way to what my beliefs are and you want to know more, then I'll share. But even in the sharing space, it is really from a sense of just that. I'm not to persuade you, I am not to convince you. You will make that choice for yourself." To find out more about Kashaun, please see the links below.

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