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What advise do you have for those that are Widowed

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I was recently asked what is a piece of advice I'd give to others on the journey of being widowed...

My response, build a team!

Being a widow is no small feat and you literally go from managing somethings to managing everything!

This journey makes you strong but even super heros have help

What are some helpful resources...

Financial Advisors... many offer FREE consultations and can help you plan financially for the long-term

Therapy/Coaches... this is your mental and emotional support, many are covered through EAP benefits for little or no cost

Fitness Coaches... can help with the physical aspects to help keep you in tip top shape, many low cost options and the results are priceless

Friends/Family/ Fellow widowed individuals... this resource helps to remind you that you are not alone and someone understands you

I want to ask you, if you died yesterday.... what position are you leaving your children, family, and friends in today?

What would they say?

How can you begin to make something out of the shit platter you've been served?

Reach out today! There are so many people waiting to help you along the way, but you gotta ask for help!

Not sure where to start, Reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to assist

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