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Be Bold!

I remember when I decided that I wanted to speak publicly....

I was #terrified at just the thought

My knees knocked harder than a toddler playing drums

My throat was dryer than a desert in Egypt

And you could have literally blew me over with a piece of paper

To say I was scared doesn't do it justice

Now, though I still get scared

I am #Speaking!!!

With the help of my local Toastmasters

I am now able to engage in extemporaneous speaking... y'all this was a REAL challenge... 12 seconds later

I can plan, prepare, and successfully deliver a speech

Buy why.... why is any of this important???

My job doesn't require me to speak publicly.... my dream does

My job doesn't care about capturing my audience, vocal variety or stage presence.... my dream does

Following my dream is scary

There are many distractions along the way

At first it seems crazy

There will be haters, naysayers, and critics


The dream is liberating

It doesn't matter who says you can't, as long as you believe you can. You and God are the Majority

Gamble on yourself... the odds are in your favor

Thanks to my local Toastmasters... I am a: 3× Best Speaker recipient and as of last night a 2× Best Table Topics (extemporaneous speaking) presenter

Y'all we hear it all the time... go after your #dreams

We only have this one life...

What are you dreaming about?

What gives you butterflies when you think of doing it?

What are you labeling as crazy because you think you need a cheering squad to persue it?

Go after that... seriously,GO!

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