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But I'm a Lawyer

But I'm going to be a Lawyer...

....Or so I thought! Junior Year of College at Western Illinois University, determined to learn anything and everything about Law to prepare me for Law School, something just wasn't clicking for me I was confused (My North Star).

Determined to understand and get to the bottom of my issues and resolve them so I could just move on I decided to meet with my Law Professor with the hopes that he would help me understand.

What I received was very discouraging and disappointing feedback (My Cross ). After class meeting with that professor he shared his feedback, "Kashaun, in order to be successful in this industry you need to be able to think critically and I am not sure that you can".

While I'd love to say that I took that fuel proved him wrong and became the best damn Lawyer in the Midwest, that's not what happened. I took that feedback (Cross) and I let it identify me (North Star), my values (Fire), and my purpose, I Ran!!!

For 20 years, I avoided situations that challenged me to think critically. I avoided any opposition to my comfortable way of doing and thinking. I handed who I was over to feedback and limited thinking.

Years later I learned, it wasn't necessarily about the feedback but more about how the observation resonated as truth for me.

I share all of this to say, I didn't necessarily like the feedback and on my journey of Growth and Development, opportunities to challenge myself continually showed up. But I do love learning, sharing, supporting, developing, listening (my fire )

During those 20 years I got to Evaluate, Collaborate, Communicate, Examine, Inquire, Create, Strive and Reflect on my life experiences!!!! Y'all all traits of Thinking Critically

I'm not a Lawyer, and the Truth is I wasn't designed to be a Lawyer either and that's okay.

I am forever grateful for that experience and for that feedback (Cross ) because I am now clearer on my core values (Fire). I am now working with purpose (North Star ). I am now clear on who and what I am and who and what I am not!!!

There really is no escape for who you are called to become and life will certainly keep pushing you to grow.

I had my North Star (my alignment), my Cross (Feedback), and my Fire (my values) the entire time, I just needed to rise and walk!

How has your cross limited you?

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