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Don't miss your Parade waiting for the Band!

Don't miss your Parade waiting for the band!!!

When I took this photo in 2018, I was just beginning my journey to get my Masters Degree from Western Governors University

I was a Single Mother

I was the sole provider for my house

I was widowed

And... because things were not interesting enough, my job had just informed the organization that they would be closing... meaning either relocate or find a new job!

Today... I am a distinguished Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Entrepreneur

In spite of all circumstances considered, I did earn my Masters Degree, along with several Coaching Designations, I have spoken in many states across the US

If I waited until everything was perfect my parade would have passed me by

If I waited for a cheering squad my parade would have passed me by

If I waited... my parade would have passed me by

Now! Please understand that my steps required prayer, discipline, focus, and gutter determination

No, sitting and waiting for things to just happen

I can tell you, the road your parade travels along is bumpy

I can tell you the road your parade travels along is challenging

BUT! I will also tell you, there is not a better parade to ride on

So.... Here's how you beat the odds

Outline a plan and be ready and willing to take action

Celebrate progress

Set and take action on Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound Goals (SMART Goals)

Celebrate progress

Any out you give yourself you'll take, so, don't give yourself a plan B... Plan B is always revert to Plan A....

Celebrate progress

Accept that FAILURE is a part of the Process, Take notes, Learn. and Keep going

Celebrate progress

Find, leverage, and build a support team... find people that are doing what you're trying to do and become a student... this is the time to listen, ask questions, and learn many are eager to help and share what they know

And yes... Celebrate progress

It doesn't have to make perfect sense

It doesn't need everyone's support or blessing

Unsure where to begin, let's discuss creating your unique blueprint

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